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The Hooks in the Jaws of Satan

The bad guys enjoy misleading people and having humans in servitude to them. As a matter of fact, if I hadn’t caught them in time, they would have undermined the work God gave me to do. This is the fulfillment of Mark 13:25.

We are people who have volunteered, to route the enemy, Satan and the demons, in any way possible (mostly confusing him and wasting his time). We also work on exposing his “grand schemes”.

I and an unknown number of others are the hooks in the jaws of Satan (Ezekiel 38:4, Ezekiel 29:4) and we can’t stop laughing now, Ahvah is so funny 🙂 Satan did not know. My hook cover story, always raging against God. And we knew the entire time and not knew at the same time.  When we were at the very edge, Ahvah would remind us, what we were doing and that we are hooks in the jaws of Satan. Then we would laugh, because we fooled the bad ones every time. And we knew Our Father in Heaven Ahvah was happy with us. That is our reward that we treasure. We are all volunteers. Ahvah made us out of all the people with faith we have ever met or read about in the Bible and all those in Heaven. And even if you weren’t in the Bible you were just so. Praise Ahvah! Praise Ahvah! Praise Ahvah! and Honour Yeshua! Honour Yeshua! Honour Yeshua!

To all the Followers of the Messiah ever and all those who ever hoped in Him from the Hooks in the Jaws of Satan.

We want you all to know, that we love you with words that cannot be expressed. And to the Meshikhi who listened to me, I’m so proud of you and God heard your prayers for me. You are my little ones in my heart always. I can only cry with joy when I think about you.

So many people with so much faith. You will never know how your examples of faith helped us.

With love,

The Hooks in the Jaws of Satan (Ezekiel 38:4, Ezekiel 29:4).

Tiffany (Willow), wife of Yeshua Psalms 45:9,10,11 New International Version possibly figurative only but I have hope.

This is a copy of a file as evidence that can be found elsewhere on this computer.

Revelation: Date of Armageddon 70 years from date of my birth.
Evidence in the Ahvah subfolder
To The United Nations – We only love.html

Message from the Hooks in The Jaws of Satan on the website and the mirror on page How The Meshikhi View Satan

Satan and demons definitely in Tartarus

Have applied enough mental logic to keep confused about the Meshikhi until Armageddon.

Completed 17 years at Synagogue of Satan. became member of inner circle of watch tower april 14, 2014 and started experiencing Kabbalism at that time. I never subscribed to it, but studied the phenomenon. has overwhelming evidence that all information is true. The etymology of language proves The Sea Monster mentioned in The Bible. Satan also “took advantage of” phonological evolution regarding Divine Names and Titles.

It’s just madness around here. Funny saying of The Hooks. Father hilarious bordering on insane but in absolute control. If we die, it will probably be from laughing so hard about Father and The Hooks fooling Satan for so long. In my case 57 years.

Armageddon scriptures on website open to interpretation, Bible time period 1914-2034 confirmed but no one knows the day or the hour. May only be an outside margin at Father’s discretion.

There was a database error during search and replace. Rest assured the Divine Name is Ahvah.

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