Tell the media

Dear Mr. President, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

I have contacted Fox News and told them the following.

I have told you that I have 23 years of Bible Research Experience
and that I have 15 years of Military Communications Research experience.

By now your experts should have understood and told you that without a doubt God’s Name is Yahweh and that the names Yehovah and Jehovah are Kabbalistic.

Friday July 2, 2021 Called Jehovah’s Witnesses public relations about the 4Q120 Qumran fragment confirming God’s Name Yahweh and they said they would pass the information on.

Monday July 5 is the earliest Jehovah’s Witness would look at the report

Monday July 5, 5:09pm no response from Jehovah’s Witnesses

July 7, 2021 The New Research page at was updated and the information was made public via the website.

Update July 10, 2021 I asked The President of The United States to have his experts confirm the information on the New Research page I told him I was concerned because Jehovah’s Witnesses have not responded and that the public should be made aware of the implications.

On July 13 I called Jehovah’s Witnesses public relations and spoke to the same person. I asked him to have Jehovah’s Witnesses confirm that they had read the New Research page and that it involved the name Jehovah. He said he would pass it on.

Update July 19, 5pm Eastern Standard Time It is now impossible that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not know and have chosen silence as their response.

They have neither renounced the Name Jehovah nor disclosed the facts about it to the public and neither have you Mr President.

This is not a joke. Peoples lives and faith are involved. Do not treat this as some kind of religious argument. The evidence is undeniable and you are accountable to the public as long as you know. timeline on the home page

Tiffany McTaggart