Satan’s Master Plan

Satan’s Master Plan

“The present study of SOM neurons in the human bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc) provides unequivocal new data supporting the view that transsexualism may reflect a form of brain hermaphroditism such that this limbic nucleus itself is structurally sexually differentiated opposite to the transsexual’s genetic and genital sex.”

Satan devised ways to produce masculinization and feminization in the womb of pregnant women to convince humans that there is a two-sex God named Jehovah [PDF], a God with a feminine side. He then attacks the limbic nucleus of people born with this condition in an effort to convince people that there is a two-in-one person, both male and female at the same time. Post mortem examination of a person is the only way to determine the true gender of a person born with this condition. Some people know what gender they are, some do not find out until until later in life because of a lifetime of conditioning.

Satan also created The Roman Religion, which I am destroying with the power of God that is with me. The Roman Religion documents [PDF] and doctrine were created to destroy the Bible and make it unbelievable.

God is singular, masculine only and The Roman Religion will be destroyed by God.

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