Salvation for women

With regard to justice for women.

You are now with Father, not Satan or one of his false gods.

If you are a woman, new to being Meshikhi, there is only one way to defeat Satan and please believe me, you don’t have to worry anymore, you are with Father and if you keep reading, you will learn how to deal with Satan.

Father is 100% male and so is Yeshua and every woman knows what that means.

As women, we are nurturing and love unconditionally, do we not?

The reason we were created is to be a complement, a helper and to make a man happy. That is our reason for being. It is not a negative thing at all. It is a wonderful thing, that men and women are the way we are.

Because we are nurturing, we only love.

And the love is unconditional.

And even when we are hurt, and it feels like death for a while, the love always returns.

Sometimes we shut down emotionally if we are hurt too much for too long.

And I understand.

But let me assure you of two things.

If you will spend the time sounding down into your soul that Father would never do anything to hurt you, and that only Satan would, you are about to find true salvation.

Eventually, you will identify Satan as the one who is evil and the one who wants to separate you from Our Father.

And Satan knows all the tricks in the book, but he does not really know us.

No male may ever know the ways of a maiden, The Bible says, and this is the truth. Not even Solomon with wisdom from God and not even Yeshua, wisdom personified.

It is meant to be a beautiful thing between men and women.

You are with Father now, and He also is a male 100% and every woman knows what that means.

And He is Our Father. Sometimes we feel like a little girl with Our Father, sometimes a mature woman. Isn’t that true?

This is why we have unconditional love and even want to marry Our Father when we are little girls.

It’s just a beautiful thing and it’s natural.

Now, at the outset I told you a bit about myself and that Satan tried everything to get me to hate Our Father and to feel that there is no justice or mercy with Him.

Once you know the things I talk about below, you will be equipped to deal with Satan, and you will eventually get over anything Satan has done to you and be stronger than you have ever been.

Any resentment or anger you have for God, will be gone.

Because you will identify Satan completely and you will identify evil completely and will understand, that it is an attack on our nature as women and our relationship with Our Father in Heaven.

And this is how it is, but it gets better and better the longer you are with Ahyah, who is the real God, and Our Father in Heaven.

Father understand what you have been through and will love you through all the emotions you must experience as you get over being conditioned by Satan too feel that there is a double standard for men and women. There is not. In Christ there are no men or women, all of God’s children experience the same thing once they become true Christians.

Just ask Father not to listen to you when you are venting or raging over things that have happened to you in the past. He understands and is always there with open arms when you are done venting and raging, And you will feel the feelings of a little girl again completely when you think about Him, because love is Eternal and life can only be one way. There is only love with Father and if you have read this page, you are understanding that God is love, that God is spirit and that God is Life.

If you feel shut down in your emotions, but you have taken the time to sound down into your soul that Father only loves you, after you are done venting and raging, the love you have for Him will always come back and you will start to understand Father more and not be worried anymore that Father doesn’t love you, even unconsciously.

Husbands. If you are silent, it kills a woman who was created only to make you happy. The rejection is too much for us and we die inside every time, a little bit, a little bit and eventually if it keeps going on we shut down emotionally. ‘At that point both the husband and wife are vulnerable to Satan’s attacks and you might even consider another person instead of your husband. You can divorce him if you simply can’t take it, but you are still married scripturally and there is no sex between unmarried people for Christians.

Look, we are women and nurturing and we love unconditionally because that is who we are and what we are and that is just the way it is. We love unconditionally and are hurt easily, yes ladies, no matter how tough you think you are, the little girl in you retreats and you shut down and many other things happen emotionally.

So we are playful girls sometimes and sometimes mature women, depending on the situation.

But if it is real love and unconditional love, no matter how many times we are hurt, the love comes back. And we get depressed because we know that we will die inside, a little more, a little more, and eventually shut down emotionally.,

Listen you husbands if you love your wife at all and don’t want to lose her. Do not be aggressive, violent, mean or cruel and do not be silent, which is all of those things at once.

Getting the picture? True love is eternal and returns when you think the abuse is over. This is the cycle of violence against women. Silence is cruelty like you can not imagine, and you will have no one to blame but yourself if she shuts down emotionally and divorces you. If you are without love, you will not be in the Paradise to come. And after your wife divorces you, if she waits for the Paradise, she can marry a nice man, gentle spiritual, kind, gallant and humble, not a mean prick like you.

It’s up to you husbands, if you want to change or not. But don’t think for a moment that God doesn’t know what you are doing, you abusive bastard. This is the true God of Isra’al, Our Father and He will find us someone else one day.

On a different topic.

Women, the Bible recommends not leaving your husband just because he is an unbeliever. If you only love, He may come to understand that you are happy, and if he loves you, he may have a change of heart. Both of you should read the page titled “Spiritual Couples” on this website. You will start to understand that love is Eternal and that marriage is meant to be eternal. But you don’t have stay in an abusive situation, Father understands. If your husband is loving and no problem you should just be loving also and stay married.

Now women, the moment of truth has arrived.

If love is real, it is Eternal, and the love always returns.

And love our husband unconditionally, don’t we?

So it has to be with God at this time, if you are coming from the world alienated from Our Father by Satan and conditioned to feel the feelings of a woman who has not received mercy or justice.

But the feelings will go away, if you love always unconditionally and realize what was done to you is not Our Father’s fault. He is 100% male and can never know what it is like to feel the emotions of a woman or to have a woman’s sense of righteous or justice.

But love, real love, is unconditional, and He is Our Father, and the little girl in you will eventually trust Him again and you will fall in love with Him all over again if you will not listen to the evil that is Satan. You will be totally healed emotionally.

And here is the cure. Father is male, and not just male. I will say He is a pip of a male. Yes a pip, but as sure as the double yodh is his signature, He is a double pip.

Do not pray or ask Him for anything to do with being a woman. He cannot help you, because He has no clue whatsoever, and has to rely on us to love Him unconditionally, as we do as nuturing women, who’s husbands are pips. There are no exceptions ladies, this is what we must endure and it is eternal. Malachi 3:6 is the truth and then I will write you the scripture for women.

Malachi 3:6 “I Ahyah do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.

Sher 1:1 I Sher, have understood Our Father in Heaven Ahyah, and He is as wonderful as can be. And there is no other explanation I can give to any woman living, except for this. Our Father in Ahyah cannot change, no more than a Leopard can change his spots. He is male and just as we have unconditional love for a husband and roll our eyes, yes I declare today, if you know Our Father and you are a woman, do not pretend you are dumb, roll your eyes if necessary.

“it’s a pip of a story”

Pip definition and only in a funny way

Ahyah is male.

And I did not look this up in advance, it came out naturally
and I told Him so.

Definition: one extraordinary of its kind

And you can look this up yourself “pip”.

Ahyah is a male. One extraordinary of its kind.

And so is Yeshua and every male who has ever lived or will live.

So in addition to unconditional love, we must at times,
roll our eyes in bewilderment.

And scream, WE LOVE YOU FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

And that fixes the eye rolling thing, until the next time.

And you will be happy.

Father is so hilarious.

With love.

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