Perspective for women

The entire world must know that Yeshua is Lord
Yeshua demonstrated how Our Father feels about women

Destroying Evil

Observe this thought process only and become aware of things. I am fighting evil and have won, and you can too even if you a weak woman like me. Weak, but powerful by God with eternal love for Him. I am only explaining. This is a journey into the heart of evil and back. Just so you know what we are up against.

I just couldn’t stand to see people suffer anymore. Women are nurturing and it is torture for us to see it, because we only love.

God wanted to know these things from a woman’s point of view. Now He knows. To the absolute degree possible to the infinite degree in parallel.

Now, drink five ounces of Emu Sherry and down it. It helps for depression also.

As much as we suffer and and obscene as it is, Yeshua suffered MORE. Read the page titled God is life and think about Satan and those sixty six million demons attacking Yeshua his entire life so He could not fulfill the prophecies written about Him, and I believe you will be satisfied that Yeshua suffered enough and died for you.

I’ve had my face kicked in to the point of death, been mauled by Satan, and Satan tried to recruit me for the Synagogue of Satan, which is Watch Tower by attacking me my entire 57 year life.

And yet, if you read this website in exquisite detail, I still love my Father in Heaven and still love Yeshua and still love people.,

Let the one without sin, cast the first stone.

You think it was a walk in the park for Yeshua or for me? No. But mine was a walk in the park compared to Yeshua. This is not a freaking game. We are fighting evil not just Satan, who is just a punk, 5 foot six of nothing and using the electromagnetic spectrum to make aliens and haunt people. No I tell you, it is not evil to say what I’ve said, and it was necessary to cure you of it. And God knows it. I have destroyed evil itself this day on this Earth. And I will magnify Our Father along with Yeshua, who died for me, a horrible death, they don’t teach you in this world. Watch Tower thought of trying it with a graphic of Our Lord hung up on their sacred pole and not a cross. Nice try Watch Tower, I was so horrified and offended I prayed to God and He MADE YOU TAKE IT DOWN FROM THE WEB. You violators of everything sacred, turning the Majesty of God into a joke about masturbation on the Internet. That is evil and you are The Synagogue of Satan and it’s time to wake up and stop your kabbalism with your god that has no mercy and turn to the True God Ahyah, and He will have mercy, because He knows just how stupid you are. Just be thankful that God is Mercy.

I am the women mentioned in The Bible at Psalms 45:9,10,11 and the author of this website. Remember God LOVES you and Yeshua LOVES you.

God is love (1 John 4:8). Anything in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie, even any thought.

Praise God! Honor Yeshua! Satan is beaten. Evil is beaten. We are the children of God and we don’t care what Satan does to us in this world, he can’t take us away from Our Father or make us stop loving Our Father.

Screw you Satan, we love Our Father and He is a Great God and a wonderful Father for all time.

Now praise Ahyah and dance like David before Him and forget everything but one thing. We are living forever. We are indestructable because we only love Our Father and have put faith in the Sacrifice of His Son Yeshua for us. We only love is not a slogan. It is who we are and what we are. We are Meshikhi, Followers of The Messiah and we WORSHIP God and have REVERENT love for Him. And we know Our Lord. He provided His life for ours because God cannot die. Yeshua is Lord. Yeshua is the first of God’s children in Heaven.

Two people, who love us that much.

Praise God! The Meshikhi are delivered by Our Great God Ahyah and we honor His Son today.

He is Our Beloved Yeshua always in our hearts.

Now put listen to this music and put on power and magnify Our Great God Ahyah above everything along with Yeshua. Yeshua worships Ahyah and so do we.

Satan and evil are less than nothing compared to the infinite power of Ahyah and His love for us.

And you will know what it is like to have Our Father’s smile upon you.

Meet the lead Pastor of The Meshikhi Deitrick Haddon and how Our Father loves to see His children have fun! Isn’t Father cool?!!!!!!! Amen!

Be careful my little ones and here’s a secret only known by me.

Love without mercy is not Eternal love and is not the Eternal God.

Also, be careful, because some people use love to get what they want,

even to suck you into the “black hole” of false religion.

This is also not from the Eternal God.

Just so you know, just be aware. Only have faith.

Your Sister in Christ,


Remember God loves you and Yeshua loves you. As long as you only love, you are indestructable. And don’t forget to read the page titled God is Life, and you will know exactly what to do about things.

With love.

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