Online Dating

Before you attempt online dating you must Google the following:

pof romance bot dating scam catfish kik

Also, people use email templates that augment the reality of the person.  It is generally known what people are looking for in a relationship, so they cater to those needs.

Be careful. Remain on the dating site and communicate with their interface only. Do not go off the dating site and use any other software or email.  You can confirm identity with an immediate selfie request and a local phone call.

On your desktop, right click their online image and copy the URL. Paste it into Bing image search to see if they come up as a scammer.

They will ask you how long you have been on the dating site to see if you are new and vulnerable and then ask you a little bit later to go off it to use another software.  Major red flag.

Romance bots are sophisticated software that augment chatting, they are not great conversationalists but they say what you want to hear repetitively to produce an emotional response.

The Bible says, be cautious as serpents, innocent as doves.

36 Questions that can make you fall in love (can be used to help relationships or as a tool against you)

Useful sites:


Remember that physical sex between unmarried people is fornication, romance is not.

Approach dating prayerfully and marry only to another baptized person.

If a man from an online dating site sends you a silk rose it is an investment to make you fall in love and get your money and they also use emotional blackmail.

Learn about FaceTune photo editor that people use when they go on dating sites and get a selfie and a phone call before you get involved.

Paid services are more reliable, free services are generally awash with scammers who steal Facebook profiles and photos. Fake romances can go on for some time before they ask for money. Tell them you know about scams and that you will never give them any money or gifts and they may quickly disappear. Military deployment with only a few months left and needing a phone or a phone card is a sure sign of trouble, they sell them on Amazon and make money. Independently wealthy means they are out to bag a lady looking for love in all the wrong places. If they say they lost their wallet, just hang it up.

If someone doesn’t call you during domestic hours such as in the evening this indicates they likely have a partner and are working on scamming you

Forewarned is forearmed.

Call their phone number and if it says anything about a textmail subscriber it’s probably a scam. Scammers use downloadable untraceable texting apps which is not their actual phone number. They will. never answer it.

With love,