Here is the absolute thing to do.

For example: If someone cannot walk, you must tell them, in the future, Yeshua will tell you to get up and you will get up.

Tell them with conviction that is absolute.

And if they are dead, Yeshua will tell them to wake up if they are Christians. Yeshua will also resurrect anyone He wants to (See the page titled The True Gospel).

Our Father will resurrect everyone else who has fallen asleep in death and died prior to the end of this world system.

Do not fall for Satan’s half miracles and think you’ve done a miracle. Satan will help the person walk alright and then take it away and the person will lose faith in God completely or believe they are being punished by God. This is a Meshikhi order from me.

Listen carefully, Satan can impose images on a person’s mind either spiritually or using the EM spectrum so it seems that they are only half blind. Oh, if you only had more faith, you would be healed. Do not believe O Isra’al and do not fall for it or do it.

Listen O Isra’al and I’m telling you it is true. Satan will set up a spectacle and if you dare say get up and walk and the person does not get up and walk, it is because it is unscriptural and you will embarrass Our Father in Heaven in the worst way possible publicly and destroy people’s faith in God and in The Meshikhi and what we know to be true.

Read 1 Corinthians chapter 13.

Faith in Yeshua is what is required in our time period. The ancient people who hoped in The Messiah had no evidence, yet they believed. We have evidence in the Christian Greek Scriptures, places, times, rulers and the existence of 53 actual people verified by archaeology [PDF]. And no historian will deny the historicity of Yeshua. This is why we are required to have faith only.

Miracles are not scriptural at this time.

Satan is out to destroy people’s faith, doing things that seem like miracles. Oh, you just don’t have enough faith do they say.

This is Satan’s asymmetrical war on people’s faith in God and in Yeshua Christ, The Messiah.

If you want to play Satan’s game and want to play around you are not Meshikhi, you are a puppet of Satan and an apostate.

We are Meshikhi, not suckers for Satan.

The use of chemical reactions. Satan can both cause chemical reactions in humans and then remove them (fake miracles). He can also cause false test medical results using the EM Spectrum, causing both misdiagnosis or perfect diagnosis to make some operations seem miraculous. Sometimes it is just the skill of the surgeon.