Learning to think like a Christian translator

Nehem-aya nope not God’s Name or even a contraction in it




The name is pronounced /ˌniːəˈmaɪə/ or /ˌniːhəˈmaɪə/ in English. It is in Hebrew נְחֶמְיָה‎, Nəḥemyāh, “Yah comforts”. Most scholars believe Nehemiah was a real historical figure and that the Nehemiah Memoir, a name given by scholars to certain portions of the book written in the first person, is historically reliable.


maya – my-ah Sacred Father comforts

my-yah Ahvah comforts (Yahvah with a silent yodh)

Yah (yaw or ee-ah) Ea (Enki) wants it bad.

Yah (iah, ee-ah) the Egyptian moon god

Nehemaya, at least it’s clean, kosher clean.

But not. Yemoja wants it bad too.

I know, do not invoke the names of false gods, do not let them
be heard on your lips.

But Aya is not a Name, it means Sacred Father.

Aramaic trying to turn Aya into a name.

I know Ahvah by Name.

Av (ahv) Father
ah from ruah meaning spirit
ahvah the ancient word for love

ahavah a river in Babylonia for YemoYa, to play around in.

Guess people don’t believe in anything anymore.

Ahvah – Never lose ahv and that’s why I did it that way.

ahv as in father

not av as in avenue

English is just that way.

The ancient people forgot about ahv, guess it wasn’t important enough.
Had other things to do.
Thought they knew it all.
Thought they could predict the weather.

Never blame me for anything in this world.

Anyway for what it’s worth, I do care and there are lots of things to learn, if you want.

You might even begin to have faith like I do and see the love in people.

The most basic thing you ever know, and the truth if you want it.
av pronounced ahv is life itself. Typos, who can count them
when you are aliterate and have aspergers and are as slow as ice melting in the spring.

Ahvva – Yeshua brought the pronunciation from Heaven for us.
and died for us.

Anyone with any love in them, would appreciate sacred things, like
Ahvva, Father.

Maybe your storm god will save you, sorry just being facetious, whatever that means.

treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
glad I’m a researcher and not a hack scholar from Princeton or Harvard.

As for me, I’ll hope in my Father in Heaven, Ahvah.

Neat thing the Bible says about the disciples of Yeshua.
They were unlettered and ordinary, but they were recognized as
being with that Messiah from Galilee doing all those miracles
and raising the dead.

Unlettered and ordinary. But anyone can look things up, if it’s important to know.

They can have their storm god and their verb phrase.

We have Father. Ahvah. And we follow His Son, Yeshua.


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