How invoking a god works

Satan trying to figure out a Meshikhi

Meshikhi do not invoke gods. We talk to Our Father in Heaven.

Whoever in your mind is Ayh in Heaven will dominate you and continue to be your master.

Only Ahyah in Heaven is Ayh.

Exodus 23:13 “Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips.

If you think in your mind that the name of any false god is in Heaven you will invoke it.

You must understand, Satan leaves you alone if you are worshiping one of his gods and even rewards you for doing so. For example Satan leaves the laity of The Church and Jehovah’s Witnesses alone and the love flourishes in the congregations of both, but of course they cannot both have the truth having opposing beliefs. Because there is love among the laity, they believe they must have the true religion. Satan also leaves you alone if you deny the Messiah.

This website is the result of 23 years of Biblical Research and 15 years of Communications Research. I have always loved Ayh and His Son and loved people and wanted spiritual relief for them and was determined to bring it to them. Wherever you see the name Yahweh on this website, know that the Name of Ayh is Ahyah. This website will undergo a major revision for the next while. Thank you for your patience. Having the Name of The Ayh of Israel is like owning a a priceless and rare antique. Cost me everything to get it. He doesn’t do things like He did with the nation of Israel if you are a Christian carrying the cross of Yeshua. But we adore Him anyway because He’s Father. I recognized that Yeshua had used people of faith worldwide to prepare information for me to create this website, I only had to keep researching because everything I would need was prepared in advance. 

John 1:23 He said: “I am a voice of someone crying out in the wilderness, ‘Make the way of Ahyah straight,’ just as Isaiah the prophet said.

Beloved Meshikhi,

Continue to have faith in the sacred spirit of Ayh that has always been with us in the war against Satan. Ayh has never left us and never will. We will know Ayh’s absolute will with regard to everything.

Remember, Ayh loves you and Yeshua loves you.

Discerning the spirits, the battleground of the mind

Ayh’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing. Satan’s thoughts are the opposite. You have been conditioned using many psychological tactics that are subtle, to make you believe things that are not true about Father. I am removing them for you with this website.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says Ahyah, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Every negative thing that you have experienced, every negative thought, are the result of Satan’s activities and our inherited imperfection (Romans 5:12). This website is designed to inculcate Ayh’s thoughts in you and Father will help you as you learn and Satan will be totally ineffective against you. Only have faith until you have read this page and the section on becoming Meshikhi, then you will easily understand the rest and Satan will no longer be anything to you. Satan is less than nothing compared to the infinite power of Ayh. Also use the music on this website. Praising Ayh is a powerful cure for spiritual weakness and negative thoughts. You are now conditioning yourself to have no doubts about Ayh’s love for you and no negative thoughts about yourself. And you are guaranteed success if you do. As you begin to understand and sense Father’s love for you, Satan and the thoughts he has used against you, will not even come to mind at all.

When bad things happen

  • Time and unforeseen events happen to people (Ecclesiastes 9:11)
  • Our inherited imperfection and the imperfection of others (Romans 5:12)
  • Satan and the demons use those without the sacred spirit of Ayh without their knowledge. Any negative saying that may seem to be from Ayh, is not from Ayh at all.
  • Voices both mental and especially voices that are audible are not to be believed.
  • Neither Ayh nor the Son of Ayh nor the Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language
  • Satan has no power from Ayh and must resort to using the EM Spectrum in ways that we do not understand scientifically. This is how he produces Satanic dreams, visions, voices and even physical sensations. See The EM Spectrum page for more information about the EM Spectrum.
  • There are no aliens, only Satan and the demons. Alien abduction experiences are physical illusions, both physical and illusory. You will not have an alien abduction experience if you are with the True Ayh, Ahyah. If you experience a grey alien or an illuminated person, it is Satan or a demon. If actually from Ayh, an angel will materialize before you in physical form, and will not look like a hologram. Greet them with a handshake. Their flesh should be warm. Should you encounter a grey alien or what you believe to be a malevolent spirit person, pray to Ahyah immediately and say something funny to the alien. Father will crack up laughing with you. Another funny thing to do is to ask the “aliens” if they are Jehovah’s Witnesses and tell them you are not interested and to put you on the “do not call” list.

You must inculcate in yourself that Father is not the source of anything bad or anything bad that happens to you.

Satan’s brain is corrupt. When a perfect person sins, all their thoughts are also corrupt and in opposition to Ayh. This is advanced knowledge of Satan. Satan does nothing but observe humans, and as I have stated he has no power from Ayh. He uses mundane things. Besides the EM spectrum, Satan observes our actions, diaries we keep, habitual things we do, things we say, geolocational information, etc. much like Google. The Google Search Engine anticipates as you type what you are searching for. So it is with Satan. He observes the things you are interested in, the type of entertainment you view, and knows your outward spiritual activity and your religion. And so Satan anticipates and acts on these things. And he knows we are imperfect and makes mistakes. As stated, he can use anyone without the sacred spirit of Ayh to say and do things that will play with your mind.
The Meshikhi are with Ayh and all of his thoughts are perfect. He is also infinite in power and knows all of Satan’s thoughts and what his intentions are. Ahyah anticipates all of Satan’s actions well in advance for the Meshikhi and accounts for our imperfection, making Satan’s attacks absolutely ineffective. As you learn this, you will understand and laugh at Satan and his efforts to undermine you and your relationship with Our Father. It is always fun and you will certainly say “Father, this is hilarious”.

I call Satan “Stella”, based on a Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk and his crew program hundreds of version’s of Harry’s wife Stella to torment him. Satan can be likened to Stella. He will gnatter at you just like Stella, but you will laugh, because you will know that it is him.


Whispering involves moving your mouth silently as you communicate with the spirit world. It is not something to do normally, but I could not resist, because of how funny I thought it was.

I understood what Satan was trying to do. This is was what Satan thought would work.

Satan said to the demon, “You be Ayh and I’ll be the demon”.

This is how spiritism and kabbalism works. Do NOT engage the spirit world in this way. It is not Ayh and it is not Yeshua you will be talking to. It is Satan and a demon working together to involve you in spiritism and kabbalism.

Father made it transparent to me and I was totally aware what was happening but did not let on that I knew. Nor did I discuss it with Father, because He knows me so well and how I love to punk Satan.

Always remember this fact. Neither Ayh, nor The Son of Ayh nor The Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language.

While testing Divine Names, I was outrageous with “G0d” (not with Father) to the ultimate degree, being careful not to blaspheme the sacred spirit. Each time it was like calling a help line with an inept operator at the other end. And so it went. You must understand Father and how funny He is about such things.

I began whispering as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it was initiated by an elder who was visiting me in the hospital. As he spoke, my tongue was articulating his words exactly on the roof of my mouth and I understood it was a form of spiritual communications. It was not until I became a member of the inner circle of Watch Tower and started having terrible spiritual experiences that I knew it was not from Ayh. Satan has no sense of humor but Father is hilarious and let me study the phenomenon so I could relate it to people.

I have put up with and studied Satan’s activities for 43 years, and knew absolutely that I would have the ultimate run in with Satan and that Father would be there for me when I experienced Satan face to face. Today, Satan is finding out that I was only observing him and never feared him at all, for to do so would be such an embarrassment, knowing the power of the True Ayh, that I would have to bury my head in the sand.

You may have many such adventures with Father and I know you will truly have fun and be happy doing it, knowing full well that He is always with you and that Satan is powerless against you in reality.

Most people do not know that if they are talking to “Jesus” or one of the other false gods by whispering, they are communicating with Satan and the demons. Just be polite when they tell you about it and understand what is happening.

Phillipians 4:8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Our Father, Ahyah, communicates by thoughts without words. You will also sense His love for you and you will know with a certainty when you are sharing something funny with Him, that He is hilarious.

When we pray to Ahyah in The Name of Yeshua, Ahyah is the one hearing your prayer. Yeshua will then provide the things we need. This is how it works. DO NOT pray to Yeshua, however, if you believe that Yeshua was the cause of something funny you may tell Him so, but DO NOT pray to Him.

Remember, we are with Ahyah, The Ayh of Isra’al, infinite in power and we are with Yeshua, The Lord, who has absolute power and authority from Ayh except for prayer. Also, all of the Sacred Angels are with us as well.











Our Father created people, but He knew something. He had to create us in such a way that He would able to take care of His children. Ayh is love and He is infinite in power. He did not create equals to Him. Satan never thought about these things or why Ayh is so superior and Almighty, and it’s not for a bad reason. It is out of love.

So Satan, being Satan, thought about love and evil. And thought to Himself. Well, evil must be as powerful as love. But He did not understand why Ayh created us so much less powerful than Himself. Only out of love.

And so Satan, being Satan, went ahead and tried evil, thinking he’s gonna be equal to Ayh in some way and take Him on. Father and I laugh with derision about it.

Satan’s last existing thought will be and you’ll read it again but I must say it now. His last thoughts will be what I told him they will be and he’ll remember them and they can’t be expressed in words but will be thus. “Ayh Creator, me not!”

This is the truth.

Satan’s not a thinker and he’s got no love.

Oh Cherub gone wrong, you certainly did it to yourself.

Ayh is a person just like His children, but infinite in power and ability. He is Our Father and we love Him.

I knew about Satan and thought about what might have gone wrong with Him in the first place.

So I wrote this song as a warning to myself to defeat myself in case I ever felt overly high and mighty. I didn’t want to end up like Satan even a million years from now in Heaven. I know now that I won’t because I only love Our Father and I love His Son and I love people. I was just being careful, because if a million year old Cherub can go wrong so badly, I wasn’t taking that chance.

The vocal range of classical performance covers about five octaves.
Early in my life I developed my lower registers to the ultimate degree.
This song is one that I am proud of.


Welcome to Jericho, watch the people come and go.

The sands of time fill your streets and Ayh only knows

What happened in Jericho

Time into time you did what you could, to feel like an angel working for the good

But you had to come down, down to the ground

To see they were jewels, not thorns in your crown

Could have been have been home to prophets, home to a king

But you ended up not adding up to anything

Oh Jericho, where did your glamour go

You had so much to lay low

Oh Jericho, you should have known

How things would go in the final days

O Jericho, you lie far below

And the people drag their feet, in the dirty streets above Jericho

And I can still hear those trumpets blow

When I think of that time long ago

Ayh only knows

What happened to Jericho

Tiffany McTaggart

Dedicated to Ayh’s children on Earth. Be a thinker, not like Satan and appreciate Our Father’s love. He’s just a nice person, a caring person and a loving person and that’s all.

And on the link to follow, you will learn exactly in no uncertain terms with the only word in the English language that describes Satan adequately exactly who and what he is. Don’t end up like him.

This is another song I wrote long ago, sung in a higher register.


I am the sword
You are the flame
knew you were there
But I didn’t know your name
For a thousand years
And a thousand nights
I looked in the sky
For a sign of your light
Your beauty endured
Your love never changed
I’d find you again
It was all prearranged
With every spark
Of love burned away
There would always be one
Light that remained
I am the sword
You are the flame
I felt your soul
But I didn’t know your name
For a thousand years
And a thousand nights
I looked in the sky
For a sign of your light
I am the sword
You are the flame
You were always there
And always the same
With a love that burned
For a thousand years
Tempered the steel
And dried all the tears

Tiffany McTaggart

Dedicated to Our Father in Heaven, Ahyah, who forged me with a love that is to time indefinite so that I could destroy Satan before he destroyed me. This song is also dedicated to His Son, Yeshua, who knew that there would be a person, so impossibly imperfect and slow as ice melting in the spring, facing a million year old Cherub bent on destroying me, target one. So Yeshua became target one for me and for everyone Satan would try to destroy. How can I express my love, I can’t.

Satan wanted a Divine Name, so I made him one based on his character and qualities and attributes in Hebrew and based on the scripture, “without love, I am nothing”.

Satan’s Divine Name
Meaning: no love, Y’nothin but a petaQ.

Satan. Y’nothin but a petaQ.

Confirmation from Ayh that only Meshikhi will understand

The Hebrew diacritics system is corrupt and my analysis of Satan is correct.

Hebrew without diacritics ינתחנ translates to analyzed

Hebrew with diacritics ינֹתחִנ translates to Y’nothin

To confirm how funny father is, put the Hebrew into Bing Translator and listen to the audio in Hebrew.

And to those with Satan and those who want to follow him, the name for you can only be expressed in a vulgar Star Trek joke told by children.

November 8, 2021 I have confirmed the diminuitive brain power of Satan compared to the infinite power of Our Father in Heaven, Ahyah, which I have always been aware of. I have confirmation of everything possible to fulfill the Bible at this time.

Definition of diminuitive: extremely or unusually small.

Only you have listened to the audio in Hebrew of Y’nothin and tried to say it yourself will you understand this profound information. It is exactly how Av’raham would pronounce it. It has also been confirmed that my confrontation with Satan that I anticipated for 57 years will happen, but I will have the absolute power of Our Father with me when it does. And I know that the defeat of Satan will be effortless. He will be like a thistle in a whirlwind, wondering how on Earth this has occurred. Remember that the infinite power of Ayh Himself is with the Meshikhi.

Satan has been portrayed as all powerful, omnicient, everywhere at once. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have prepared a presentation on How Meshikhi View Satan to have the correct viewpoint when you are with Ahyah The True Ayh, The Ayh of Isra’al.

Tell Satan, I’m freakin’ Einstein compared to you spiritually, you freakin’ college droput Satan.

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