False gods

Statue of Jupiter, Vatican, Rome.

The name of Satan, Hillel, was uncovered by removing the vowels in the Hebrew Scriptures, revealing the Kabbalistic origin of Yehovah/Jehovah. By applying the same rule we will not invoke the names of other gods.

How invoking works. Whoever in your mind is God in Heaven will dominate you and continue to be your master.

Exodus 23:13 “Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips.

Jehovah / JHOH – Kabbalistic / Roman

Yehovah – Kabbalistic


Yahweh / Iao – pronounced yaoeh or yao Graeco-Roman (Gnostic Yao)

Yahweh – pronounced ee-yah-weh Roman

Yahweh – pronounced yah-weh with gutteral h

Yahwe – invoked at the temple in Samaria

Yahwa – invoked at the temple in Samaria

Yahwah – pronounced Yah-hwah

Iah – Egyptian moon god / Ihyah Hebrew אִהיָה (possible name copy Exodus 3:14)

Iahvah – contains Iah

Yah – another Egyptian moon god (Torah name copy)

Ea – Sumerian Enki, one of the three most powerful gods in the Mesopotamian Pantheon

Aja – ancient sanskrit Hindi primary god / Ahyah Hebrew אָהָּיָהּ (possible name copy Exodus 3:14)

El – supreme god of the Caananites

Ya – Yoruba deity Yemoja the river goddess (Aramaic Scriptures)

MarYa – The Lord Ya, related to Yemoja (Aramaic Scriptures)

Alaha translated to Hebrew means goddess (Aramaic Scriptures)

the LORD – In the Hebrew Scriptures LORD in capital letters indicates the Hebrew Tetragrammaton

the Lord – In the Hebrew Scriptures the correct word is “Master” not “Lord”

Yahavah – any name with hav in it indicates the Norse god Hafgufa, etymology of hav/have is “ocean or sea” in many languages. Read the page titled The Sea Monster for details.

hu – Ekenkar Read the page titled The Sea Monster for details.

Jesus Christ / Jesus – Roman god created by the Romans in The Nicene Creed c. 325 C.E. See the page titled The Apostasy and The Man of Lawlessness Revealed for details.

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