Aramaic absolution

James B. Hannay
The Rise and Fall of The Roman Religion

James busted Jehovah but was a little overzealous about
the HH, almost destroying language, history, Hebrew and
The Bible.

Hebrew to English – removing the h’s

YH in the Torah without authentication
is Yah

Remove the h’s from the Tetragrammaton

YV the /y/ can be pronounced /ee/

result eev

It’s Satanic for sure.

Satan is trying to destroy history, the Hebrew language, etymology and phonological evolution.

Satan wants no one to understand ahv

And it’s not Ava which is a girl’s name.

It’s Ahvah.

Trust me, it’s a mind bender.

In medieval times, Ava was a diminutive of Germanic names beginning in Av-, in particular Aveline, from which the name Evelyn would eventually arise. It may derive from a Proto-Germanic root meaning “island” or “water”. However, the medieval name eventually fell out of use entirely, only to resurface in contemporary times. This suggests that today’s Ava may be a modern variation of Eva. Alternatively, Ava could also derive from the Latin avis, meaning “bird.” Ava has separate Persian roots as a name meaning “voice” or “sound.”

Therefore in the Eastern Dialect of Aramaic we have many problems indeed.

But I have solved them all.

It’s not Aba, ab in Aramaic.
It’s not Ava, av in Aramaic.
It’s not Ava, ab in Aramaic.
It’s not Aba, av in Aramaic.

That’s what is called in etymology
the rubber meets the road.

Aba is not a Name.
Ava is a girl’s name.

And my brain is going on vacation.

The etymology of ab in cuneiform means “sea”
The etymology of av pronounced ahv means “father”

The Eastern Dialect of The Aramaic Scriptures is deliberately wrong,
it is not aba, ab.

It’s simple. In the Bible, it’s Ahvva, Father from Koine Greek.
Yeshua grew up calling his dad, abba.
After His baptism, Yeshua taught the disciples Ahvva, Father
which when transliterated to Greek, is Ahvah.

Yahvah with a silent yodh is Ahvah.
YHVH is The Tetragrammaton.

See how easy it is to lose ahv?
That’s what the ancient people did.

Hebrew ab the ancient root word pronounced ahv as in “father”

Aramaic ab pronounced av as in “avenue”.

Strong’s H1 entry at

Hebrew ab pronounced awb with audio that says ahv

Strong’s H2 entry at

Aramaic ab pronounced ab with audio that says “av” as in “avenue”.

Etymological Nightmare Scenario Solution

Eastern Dialect of Aramaic

The /b/ is pronounced /v/.

Aba pronounced Ava (Ahvah)

ab pronounced av (Ahv)

Koine Greek

Ἀββᾶ pronounced Avva (Ahvva)

If you don’t use the /h/ when translating to English, we will lose the Name of God all over again, like the ancient people did.

If you lose the phonics, you lose the meaning.

Ahv is the pronunciation of the ancient root word /av/ which means “father”.

Never lose ahv.


Ancient Greek was the key to finding ahv. It is clear now that at the time period the Greek Scriptures were written it was still Avva and not Abba. Note the timing of the phonological evolution. We are only concerned with “Koine” Greek.

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End of etymology report.


Our Beloved Yeshua


A song of appreciation

ahv is the pronunciation of the ancient root word /av/ meaning “father”

Our Beloved Yeshua, this is your day
You are alive, and it’ll always be that way
You brought Our Father’s love and taught us how to live
Taught us how to love and taught us how to give
And showed us the way

Now you’re with Ahv, as you have always been
From the moment you awoke
From the moment you spoke
And learned our Father’s name
It’s something we have learned
And we believe in you the same

Our beloved Yeshua, we will not forget
Whenever we pray, for whatever we get
We know that you’re alive
And helping everyone
Helping our Father
And for everything you’ve done, for us

Thank you Our Brother, this is your day
You are alive and it will always be that way
You brought Our Father’s love and taught us how to live
Taught us how to love and taught us how to give
And showed us the way

Our beloved Yeshua this your day
You are alive it’ll always be that way
We remember this day, you taught us how to love
Like Our Father above, and showed us the way

Yeshua brought the Name of Our Father from Heaven and taught His disciples that God is love (1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:16, Mark 14:36, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6).

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